Founded in 1960, Piedras y Mármoles San Isidro has more than 60 years of experience in the natural stone sector.

Since our beginnings we have been committed to innovation and continuous improvement of our production process, in order to keep up to date with the market and offer the best options.

We have managed to consolidate our position as an important company within our sector, focusing on the production process and managing the extraction of limestone from our own quarries, as well as its subsequent processing and transformation.

Own Quarries

Access to each one of them

Moralejo Quarry

Located in Gilena, it is the first quarry of our company. Since 1980, we have been extracting the Crema Sevilla, Crema Moralejo and Crema Fantasía limestones from the mountains of our town.

Palancar Quarry

Located in the municipality of Carcabuey (Córdoba), since 1995 this quarry is part of San Isidro. From it we extract the limestones Crema Palancar, also known as Crema Beida, and Crema Coral, also called Crema Zamora.

Own Limestone

Access to each one of them